Individual, Family & Group Psychotherapy
Teaneck, New Jersey


Patients without a managed care program:
(Also applies if your fee is not set by your insurance company, or when they pay a percentage of the fee)

The staff's fees are determined on a sliding scale as follows: (depending upon your financial state)
  • $80-$150 per 45 minute session for individual, marital or family therapy, biofeedback and hypnosis.
  • $50 per 90 minute session for group psychotherapy.
  • Fees need to be arranged before treatment or during the first session.
  • Psychological and neuropsychological testing fees are determined at the time of testing, depending upon the extent of tests needed.


Patients on a managed care program (most patients):

THE INSURANCE COMPANY SETS YOUR FEE AND OURS!! This is also true of many non-managed care programs. When you call for your insurance information be sure to ask if there is a deductible and how much your copayments will be.
By law we are required to stick to these fees and not allowed to charge you more or less than the stated co-payments. It is illegal for doctors to accept less than the stated copayment.
Some plans pay on the old system  (a percentage of the doctors fees). This can either be a percentage of R&C (reasonable and customary fees - what your insurance company says is the normal fee for this geographic area) or simply a percentage of the doctors normal fee.  R&C is a calculated fee that the insurance company states is the maximum that they are willing to reimburse.